Resource Manual

The link below will connect to the SCC Website Resource Page.

In that page there is a link to access many documents with resource information, as well as a folder with ECC information and videos.

Please note the documents titled ‘C12 SCC Parenting’ and ‘C12 SCC Frequently Used Providers’ are our vetted providers approved for use in Dependency Cases.

Any provider not in these ‘C12 SCC Parenting and C12 SCC Frequently Used Providers’ documents must be pre-approved/vetted as licensed, credentialed, appropriate for fit for the need and identified danger threat with the Case Management Team and Operations prior to use.

Please know, the excel ’Community Resources’ document has multiple tabs covering other resources not in the ‘C12 SCC Parenting and C12 SCC Frequently Used Providers’ documents, the tabs include information on daycare, dental, disability, education, emergency assistance, employment, GLBTQ, legal, medical, mentor, migrant, miscellaneous (prom dresses for example), nutritional, optical, senior services, sexual abuse and transportation services available in the community. Prior to using these services for SCC Clients the Case Management Team must be consulted and concur it is the appropriate fit for the identified needs and danger threats.

If there are providers interested in being vetted to become a C12 SCC approved provider, please give them my email and I will work with them to determine if they meet the required minimum credentials and evidence based protocols to be added to the lists.

Please know we are working to add additional resource information. We hope having this information helps our community partners in knowing more of our available providers and community resources.

This link and its associated data was provided to the the stakeholders of the 12th Judicial Circuit by Angela J. Murray a QA Specialist at the Safe Children Coalition.

Many thanks to Angela and her colleagues at the SCC.